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Whether you are concerned about the future and are buying, or are concerned about the present and are selling, we at Gold 'n Coins are here to get you the best prices for gold, silver and platinum bullion! If you are buying, we offer everything from small quantities to very large amounts for your needs, available immediately for cash. If you are selling your bullion, drop in to our shop during business hours with any amount and we will provide you a fair offer!


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Here are some of the bullion items we buy and sell for cash:

American Eagle Silver Coins

American Eagle Gold Coins

American Eagle Platinum Coins

American Buffalo Silver Coins

American Buffalo Gold Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins


Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion

Prices for gold, silver and platinum vary moment to moment. Here are up-to-the-minute spot metals prices from Kitco for your convenience.

Current Metals Prices

Generic 1 oz Silver Rounds

Generic 1 oz Silver Bars

Generic 10 oz Silver Bars

Circulated Morgan & Peace $1

Sterling Silver Items

10k Gold Items

14k Gold Items

18k Gold Items

Australian Gold & Silver Coins

South African Gold Kruggerands

Chinese Panda Silver Coins

Chinese Panda Gold Coins

Mexican Gold Coins

United Kingdom Gold Sovereigns

Austrian Gold Ducats & Coronas

U.S. 90% Silver Coin

U.S. 40% Silver Coin

Johnson-Matthey 100 oz Bars