Gold 'n Coins

Gold 'n Coins buys all kinds of coins and currency, both old and contemporary. If you've grown tired of your collection, inherited coins you're not interested in, or have friends that want to exchange their coins for instant cash, then bring your items to our shop. We'll be happy to provide a valuation for you to consider, free of charge!

Coins of the World

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Support a locally-owned pawn shop. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry!


Collectible Coins

Gold 'n Coins offers a huge variety of coins for the collector and investor, ranging in price from 50c to several thousand dollars. Whether you're looking for a specific coin for your set, a specific grade, or a specific price range, it's very likely we have what you need! We also have a selection of foreign and ancient coins, as well as world and antique American paper money.


If you're selling, then we're buying! We offer fair prices for your coins and currency and will pay you in cash for virtually all purchases.


Just in the mood to look around? Feel free to drop by and spend some time browsing our tremendous selection!

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